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Advisement Syllabus


Objective: What is Academic Advising?

A process in which advisor and advisee enter in a dynamic relationship respectful of the student's concerns. Ideally, the advisor serves as teacher and guide in an interactive partnership aimed at enhancing the student's self-awareness and fulfillment (O'Banion, T. 1972). Academic advising is a collaborative educational process. A student and their advisor are partners and the partnership requires participation and involvement of both the advisor and the student.

Ultimately, the college experience you build at UVU is your responsibility. Your advisor will assist you by providing information and resources but you are responsible for choosing and planning your individual program and for meeting academic deadlines and requirements.

Contact: How do I contact my Academic Advisor?

Phone: (801) 863-8518
Office: CB 506p
Fax: 801-863-6256

How do I 'test out' of Language Credit?

Current Offerings within the Department of Languages & Cultures:

Bachelor of Arts


Language courses available in: ASL, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

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Academic Advisor Responsibilities

What you can expect

  • Be accessible for advising students through telephone, e-mail, or during posted office hours.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for advisement sessions.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Encourage, support and guide students as they define and develop realistic goals and make progress toward educational plans.
  • Effectively communicate and help students navigate the curriculum and graduation requirements as well as university academic policies and procedures.
  • Assist students in understanding the purpose and goals of higher education and its effects on their lives and personal goals.
  • Assist students in working closely with their professors and refer to appropriate university sources and available services as assistance is needed.
  • Assist students in gaining decision making skills and skills in assuming responsibility for their educational plans and achievements.
  • Keep students updated and aware of department policy changes and activities through the Linkmail system.

Advisee Responsibilities

What your advisor can expect

  • Schedule regular appointments or make regular contacts with advisor during each semester.
  • Give notice in advance if you need to reschedule or cancel any advising appointments.
  • Come prepared to actively participate in each advisement session by bringing questions, concerns, or materials for discussion.
  • Develop an educational plan for successfully achieving goals; select courses each semester to progress toward fulfilling that educational plan.
  • Enroll in the courses for which you and your advisor have determined that, from educational objectives, you are ready to pursue.
  • Become knowledgeable, as a student, about college programs, policies, and procedures.
  • Complete all assignments or recommendations from your advisor. Use campus resources and services to assist in achieving academic, personal and career goals.
  • Accept responsibility for decisions.
  • Check for official advisor correspondence through Linkmail or an account that you have forwarded Linkmail on to.