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Minor in Chinese Language, Minor in Chinese Studies

Chinese calligraphy on Chinese newspapers, by Allan Siew, CC via Flickr

Study programs

- Minor in Chinese Language : (CHIN 1010, CHIN 1020, core: CHIN 2010, CHIN 202G, CHIN 3050, CHIN 3510, CHIN 4050 . Electives: CHIN 3200, CHIN 4200, CHIN 4100. The study advisor is Sarah Lindsey, 801-863-8047, email, website:, o ffice LA-013

- Minor in Chinese Studies : (CHIN 1010, CHIN 1020,CHIN 2010. Elective: CHIN 202G, CHIN 3050, CHIN 3510, CHIN 4050, , electives: CHIN 2020, CHST 362G, CHST 363G, CHST 373G, CHST 375G, CHST 416G, CHST 490R , CHST 481R ) study advisor Sarah Lindsey, 801-863-8047, email or Lynne Hetzel, 801-863-8455, email . Websites:, office LA-013 and, office LI 507

Minor in Languages

This minor can be earned in conjunction with any Bachelor degree major that UVU offers. It requires 9 cr upper division course work in one language and 11 cr of intermediate level course work in another language (prerequisites will vary from student to student). Advisor: Sarah Lindsey (see above)