Success Stories

Hunter Adams

“The LEAD Program has helped me with time management.”
–Hunter Adams

Kylee Chapa

"Our director has taught me the importance of being an empathic listener and treat everyone as if they are the most important person in the world."
–Kylee Chapa

Nick Condie

“My punctuality has improved.”
–Nick Condie

Jessi Olsen

“The LEAD Program has helped me to learn how to work with people that aren’t on the same page as you.”
–Jessi Olsen

Katie Jenkins

“My communication and organizational skills have improved.”
–Katie Jenkins

Oliva Bowen

“I’ve realized there is a lot of service involved with leadership.”
–Olivia Bowen

Katrina Burgoyne

“My experiences in the LEAD Program have taught me the importance of being proactive and a good communicator.”
–Katrina Burgoyne

Jonathan Burnham

“In my coursework I’ve learned interdependence, synergy and how to listen to others.”
–Jonathan Burnham

Maggie Owens

“I’ve learned how to take the initiative, work for goals, network, and be ethical.”
–Maggie Owens

Matt Bowen

“The LEAD Program has helped me better my listening skills, specifically active listening.”
–Matt Bowen

Shad Gale

“I’ve improved my communication skills as well as conflict resolution skills.”
–Shad Gale

Haley Cate

“My leadership experience gave me an understanding of others, not judging and being kind to others.”
–Haley Cate

Lauren DeVries

“For my leadership experience I taught a girls empowerment class once a week to help the girls develop themselves.”
–Lauren DeVries

Jaron Pulver

“My oral presentation skills improved through presenting at the Leadership Conference and CAL Mini Retreat.”
–Jaron Pulver

William Bates

“Mentor Meetings taught me the importance of striving towards goals.”
–William Bates

Chase Hart

“Writing reflections helped me connect ideas to life.”
–Chase Hart