Master Mind

Leadership Training and Discussion

Each month, The Center for the Advancement of Leadership (CAL) invites its students, UVU students, UVU faculty, and community members to attend the Master Mind Lecture Series.

Focusing on topics like passion, organization, behavior, and culture, each speaker in the series presents on a topic directly related to leadership. The CAL strives to provide students speakers who present on a variety of leadership styles.


Monthly Lecture Series

Spring 2014

  • Pres. Matthew Holland - Principles of Leadership; Lessons from the American Revolution (video)
  • Brooke Walker (no video)
  • Curtis Bateman - Millennials at Work  (video)

Fall 2013

  • Anne Wairepo - What Random Gets You (video)
  • Michelle Taylor - The Stakes are High; Secrets of Successful Leaders  (video)
  • Jack Christianson (no video)

Past Master Mind Lectures


  • Kyle Reyes (video unavailable)
  • Kirk Young - Living Life On Purpose - Developing the Leader Within (video)
  • Norm Wright - Culture and Stereotypes (video)


  • Matthew Holland - The "Art" of Vision (video)


  • Annie Oswald - Personal Organization  (video)
  • Dan Clark - The Essence of Leadership: Trust (video)
  • Shawn Moon - Concepts of Leadership (video)
  • Bruce Jackson - Find Your One Thing (video)
  • Kerry Patterson - The Power to Change Anything (video)
  • Joe Belnap - Servant Leadership (video)
  • Jeff Taylor & Scott Wood - Lessons From the Trench (video)
  • Andy Cindrich - How to Win at Work, School, & Life (video)
  • Bruce Jackson - Setting the Stage for Leadership (video)