Cal Mentors

Program Overview

The LEAD Mentoring Program links role models drawn from the local community with students participating in the LEAD Program. The program connects mentors who may be volunteers from business, industry, community organizations, and the UVU campus, with LEAD students.

what you give you get, ten times over, a Yoruba Proverb

Mission Statement

The Center for the Advancement Leadership believes that all students are capable of developing as leaders.  While serving L.E.A.D. Program students and the wider UVU student community, we facilitate engaged learning of cutting edge leadership practices, providing individualized support, intellectual stimulation, and model appropriate leadership behavior.

(Based on Transformational Leadership paradigm and Social Change Model)

CAL Students
why should you mentor?

Why Mentor?

The focus of the LEAD Mentoring Program is to support CAL students as they progress through the LEAD Program as well as their academic pursuits. Our goal is to assist students in their personal development and provide them with a network to encourage academic and social exploration.

LEAD Mentors are rewarded by sharing their knowledge and skills, helping others succeed, and supporting leadership development. All you need is a passion for student success and a willingness to spend a couple hours per month developing a relationship with students.

The LEAD Mentoring Program gives new students opportunities to have a successful first year in CAL and supports students through academic and social activities.

Mentor Handbook (pdf)


1st Year Mentor Training Video

2nd Year Mentor Training Video