Positive Comments Negative Comments
General Comments 60 5
Collections 6 31
Facilities 4 40
Hours 0 3
7 7
Staff 31 11


Representative Comments

  Positive Comments Negative Comments
General Comments The library has been one of the best things about my experiences at this school. The library is a disgrace. I use BYU library for 90% of my needs, and send my students there as well. The push for a digital library is nonsense. We also need books and journals in all fields--much of which is not available electronically.
  I appreciate the service in which is rendered here. It is a happy atmosphere. The library staff does amazing things with what few resources and little funding they are given. The library staff is not at fault for this, but UVU's library is a disgrace with less than 3 square feet of space per student. The library staff has used every nook and cranny and scraped together every book, computer, and other items they have. The community and state should be embarrassed with the lack of support UVU's library has gotten from the legislative caucus from Utah County. It is right down disgraceful.
  I really like our library. I have been to so many...and ours is my favorite of them all.  
Collections I love the UVU library, and I've been a regular visitor for several years. I especially like your LDS and Utah history books as well as the spaciousness of the library. The staff is always great--helpful, courteous, and friendly. The problem for me are the few numbers of resources in my field available at the library.
    Services are decent, but the depth of materials isn't.
Facilities I think the library is a great place. The people there are very willing to help out, it is a great study area, and there are tons of resources to use. Overall I think it is great. there needs to be more computers that are not just for research. those computers are always full along with all of the labs. there just aren't enough computers to sufficiently help all of the students who would like to use them.
  Since I live so close to campus I come here almost everyday. I rather study here in the library than at home, and I think this is a great learning and studying environment for me. The accessibility for handicapped persons is completely inadequate. The elevator situation needs to be addressed. I have found the staff incredible but they do need a new environment.
Hours   How come the library closes early on Fridays?
Services I found that the search engines for books within the state to be VERY VERY helpful. In conjunction with ILL support this aspect of the Library has impressed me a great deal. too many fines
  Electronic Reserve is an especially valuable service. I appreciate the interlibrary loan and document delivery services as well.  
Staff I have always found the people to be willing and helpful, and interested in my work, as well as how to help me in my pursuits. I would appreciate more library staff taking notice of people who are disturbing others with their talking, whistling, or cell phones. I've had to tell many people in the library to take their cell phones out, to be quiet, etc. because many library staff refuse to do so.
  THis is my first semester back at school after 26 years so things have changed alot and the library staff has been very helpful and patient with me. I really appreciate it! Overall the library is great, some student employees are really slow, and inept.