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General Comments I have never had a problem using anything in the library. The staff has always been helpful and happy. Great job! I know that you are trying. Just keep on trying and developing the library. The library isn't really "libraryish" if that makes sense. We need more books and academic resources.
  The UVU library is a really impressive resource! Thank you for providing such  great service and materials on so small a budget! Very inferior library. Just drive 15 minutes to BYU to find a good library. Should send students there.
Collections I am blown away at how much information is available to me through the website and on campus. It really helps me to do my best in all of my classes. I am a non-traditional student due to my age and have a young family to raise while I'm trying to further my education. I really appreciate the access to information while I can be at home with my children. It makes it possible for me to work towards all of my goals while still being a good mother. Overall the services are good. The book collection needs to grow though. Honestly I would go to BYU's library over ours for serious research simply because they have so many books. When ever I need research from journals or articles our library website is a wonderful and sufficient resource.
  I love the new library building with its interesting variety of places to study and convenient parking. I find an interesting collection of books, video, audio, magazines, and online (safari) content to stimulate my desire to learn. Thanks. Please get more Children books for the Elementary Education Dept.
Facilities I really like the layout of the library. The architecture and design is very conducive to learning and focusing on school work and studies. more study rooms and more computers would greatly be appreciated. Or in quieter areas.
  I think the library is a great place to study, it has a lot of open space and natural light which gives it more of a positive atmosphere. I think that the library has a lot of service to offer but I really don't think that the students are aware of all that is available to them.  I feel the library does not have enough computers. Also, there is not enough quiet space at the library.
Hours   Longer hours would be appreciated. Maybe open 24 hrs. a day and also on Sunday.
Services The interlibrary loans are rapid and much appreciated. We need to be able to keep Interlibrary Loan materials out for longer than a couple of weeks. Three months minimum.
Staff I could not possibly do my job without this wonderful library staff, who go out of the way, always, to help me with my research and teaching; especially Interlibrary Loan, Research Librarians, and circulation staff. In general the library is great, but I would like to see an expansion of supplies, textbooks on reserve, and a more caring attitude from the staff. Most staff are great but there are some that kind of ruin it for the rest.
  I appreciated the time that a staff member took in teaching me how to use the library web site to find journal articles. At different times they even walked me through each of the steps. The people that work there are not very approchable...they seem put out of annoyed.
  When I called for help with references, the people I have talked to were helpful. The people who have helped me gave me good suggestions of places to go on the library web site to help me find what I needed.