About the Utah Valley University Digital Repository

Share your research with the rest of the world!

UVU Library has created a Digital Repository, where scholarly and creative works can be posted online in a stable, centralized location, and accessed freely by all!

A Digital Repository is:
  • A long-term, centralized digital archive containing scholarly or artistic work produced by the members of a particular institution, such as faculty and students.
  • It collects unpublished articles, presentations, and undergraduate theses.
  • It can also preserve newsletters, meeting minutes, or campus publications.
A Digital Repository offers access to scholarly research to everyone at no cost.

How Will The Digital Repository Benefit You?

Institutional Value

It preserves a record of institutional history and research.

You Can Share Your Research

There are stable, permanent links to your work, indexed by Google and other search engines. Research has shown that open access articles are cited more frequently.

Information is Free

The traditional publishing model places information behind price and access barriers. DRs make it freely available. Providing open access to research can enhance the profile of an institution, and its faculty and students. Students can get their research noticed and accessed, adding value to resumes and graduate school applications.

UVU Library's Digital Repository is accessible at http://www.uvu.edu/library/archives/digitalcollections.html.

There are currently five UVU-related collections: (1) The Wilson W. Sorensen Historic Photograph Collection; (2) UVU Student Theses; (3) UVU Faculty Presentations and Articles; (4) UVU Library Newsletters; and (5) The Spectrum, Utah Technical College's yearbook. There are also links to other digital collections in Utah, the West, and major institutions such as the Library of Congress.

We highly encourage faculty, staff, and students to submit scholarly and creative works.

Digital Repository Copyright Guidelines

The right to download or print any of the pages of the materials posted on the Digital Repository is granted by the copyright owner only for personal or classroom use. The author retains all proprietary rights, including copyright ownership. Any reproduction or editing by any means mechanical or electrical without the express written permission of the copyright owner is strictly prohibited. Please write to Catherine McIntyre, Utah Valley University Library, Mailstop 145, 800 West University Parkway, Orem, UT 84058, to request permission.

How Can You Contribute Content to the Institutional Repository?

The requirements are simple: submit an electronic copy of the paper or presentation, and a completed and signed permission form (which states that the author allows the material to be posted on the web). A contributor can email the form or send it through campus mail.

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