Alternative Medicine

Background Information

More books and videos about alternative medicine and remedies can be found using the Library's catalog.

ABC of Complementary Medicine Online only
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Alternative Medicine Online only
Balanced Healing: Combining Modern Medicine with Safe & Effective Alternative Therapies R 733. A 527 2004
Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine REF R 733. G 34 2005
Nature Cures: The History of Alternative Medicine in America Online only
New Medicine [DVD Videorecording] MEDIA R 733. N 49 2006
Perspectives on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Online only
Prescription or Poison? The Benefits and Dangers of Herbal Remedies RA 1250. D 37 2010

Journal Articles

Academic Search Premier
This general database contains articles on alternative medicine controversies, theory, effectiveness, and other related topics.
This database covers the full range of alternative and complimentary medical techniques and theories. It contains a mix of scholarly and popular sources.
This general medical database offers access to thousands of articles on the effectiveness and dangers of alternative medicine and complimentary treatments.
Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection
This psychology database focuses on complimentary treatments such as biofeedback and other topics related to mental health.
Similar to MEDLINE, PubMed is a general medical database and can be used to find additional articles on these topics.

Web Resources

This database offers fast access to scholarly literature on herbal supplements and medications, as well as safety information.
MedlinePlus: Complementary and Alternative Medicine
MedlinePlus is a very useful and very accurate encyclopedia of health topics and directory of online health resources. Their entry on alternative medicine can be used to find objective, research-based information on the effectiveness of alternative medicine and complementary therapies.
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
This government agency, a sub-section of the National Institutes of Health, provides research-based information on alternative and complementary medicine.
New York Online Access to Health: Alternative Medicine
NOAH maintains this directory of organizations and websites on a wide variety of alternative medicines and complementary therapies.