Economic Crisis

Background Information

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Journal Articles

Academic Search Premier
A general database that can keep you up to date on the wide ranging effects of the economic crisis, efforts to halt the crisis, and the origins of the crisis. Contains newspaper, popular, and scholarly articles.
Business Source Premier
A general business databases that can be used to locate information about the causes of the economic crisis, business responses to the crisis, and more. Contains newspaper, popular, and scholarly articles.
EconLit Full Text
This database contains articles by economists and other scholars on a wide range of topics, and can be used to find the best information about the economy and economics.
LexisNexis Academic
A newspaper database that can keep you up to date on the government's response to the economic crisis, how the American people are dealing with the crisis, and so on.

Web Sites

Economic Emergency Stabilization Act
This is the Department of the Treasury's web site offering summaries and details about the 2009 stimulus package, and other government economic stabilization initiatives.
Economic Indicators
Regularly updated by the Census Bureau, this site can help you keep tabs on the economy by checking current housing and food prices, quarterly financial reports from different industries, construction spending, and more.
Hosted by the Department of Commerce, this site is designed to inform visitors about how they can cope with the economic crisis, foreclosure, and unemployment.
This is the White House's web site about the 2009 stimulus package (the Economic Emergency Stabilization Act). Its purpose is to inform the American people about the stimulus plan and how its funding will be used. Site is still in its early stages, but information will be posted as it becomes available.