Background Information

Digest of Education Statistics REF LC 11. D 48
Early Childhood Education: An International Encyclopedia REF LB1139.23 E 272 2007
Encyclopedia of American Education REF LB 17. U 54 2007
Encyclopedia of Education REF LB 15. E 47 2003
Encyclopedia of Education Law REF KF 4117. E 53 2008
Encyclopedia of Learning Disabilities REF LC 4704.5 T 86 2002
Encyclopedia of School Psychology REF LB 1027.55 E 523 2005
Encyclopedia of Special Education REF LC 4007. E 53 2007
Learning Theories, A to Z REF LB 15. L 4695 2002
Mental Measurients Yearbook REF LB 3060.3 M 4
World Education Encyclopedia: A Survey of Educational Systis Worldwide REF LB 15. W 87 2002

Journal Articles

ERIC is one of the world's best education databases, and can be used to locate articles and reports on all topics including teaching methods, educational psychology, educational law and more.
ERIC Digest
This is the free version of ERIC, and contains full text ERIC reports.
Education Full Text
This database is a great supplient to ERIC, and contains thousands of articles on all topics in education, including educational psychology, teaching methods, assessment, and more.
JSTOR is a journal archive that contains older articles on education.
Mental Measurients Yearbook with Tests in Print
Mental Measurients Yearbook is a guide to over 2,000 contiporary testing instruments. The MMY series contains information essential for a complete evaluation of test products within such diverse areas as psychology, education, business, and leadership. MMY provides coverage from Volume 1 (1938) to the present.
Teacher Reference Center
The TRC is a collection of articles on a wide variety of topics in education: assessment, pedagogy, education research, content area teaching, and more.
Designed for teachers, librarians, and educators, this resource contains classroom resources, learning activities, movies, interviews, and more to enhance literacy instruction.

Web Resources

Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle of Higher Education is one of the most respected sources of news about what's happening in acadiia and higher education. Contact the reference desk for login information.
International Reading Association
This association works to promote literacy at all ages.
Library of Congress for Teachers
This section of the Library of Congress' website is designed to help teachers find primary sources for lessons and content area teaching.
Literacy Web
Literacy Web is a directory of literacy and teaching aids and information.
National Center for Education Statistics
The NCES is one of the best sources of education statistical information in the world. It can be used not only to find educational statistics, but contains tools to help you build your own tables.
Rutgers University Libraries Subject Guide: Education
Created and maintained by librarians at Rutgers, this site contains links to vetted sources on pedagogy, teaching methods, educational psychology, teachers' associations, and more.
Teachers' Domain
This resource focuses on digital media in education. Not only does it provide free media tools for use in the classroom, but also a teacher's learning community.