The Cost of Higher Education

Background Information

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Business of Higher Education LB 2342. B 88 2002
Cost Containment in Higher Education: Issues and Recommendations LB 2342. B 76 2002
Financing American Higher Education in the Era of Globalization LB 2342. F 56 2012
Financing Higher Education Worldwide: Who Pays? Who Should Pay? LB 2341.98 J 67 2010
Higher Ed, Inc.: The Rise of the For-Profit University LB 2342. R 72 2001
Saving Alma Mater: A Rescue Plan for America's Public Universities LB 2342. G 67 2009
Why Does College Cost So Much? LB 2342. A 685 2011

Journal Articles

Business Source Premier
Business Source Premier is a cornerstone of financial and economic research. It can be used to find articles that specifically address funding issues in higher education.
ERIC is one of the world's best education databases, and can be used to locate articles and reports on all topics including teaching methods, educational psychology, educational law and more. It can be used to find articles about funding and tuition issues from an education perspective.
Education Full Text
This database is a great supplement to ERIC, and contains thousands of articles on all topics in education, including educational psychology, teaching methods, assessment, and more.

Web Resources

Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle of Higher Education is one of the most respected sources of news about what's happening in academia and higher education. Contact the reference desk for login information.
College Affordability and Transparency Center
The US Department Education has long been a respected source for statistics. This site specializes in sharing data and information about the costs of higher education.