Film Studies

Background Information

More books about film and cinema studies can be found using the Library's catalog.

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die REF PN 1998. A 16 2008
Chronicle of the Cinema REF PN 1993.5 A 1 C 5 1995
Complete Film Dictionary REF PN 1993.45 K 66 1997
Encyclopedia of Early Cinema REF PN 1993.45 E 53 2005
Film Encyclopedia REF PN 1993.45 K 34 2001
Film and Television: A Guide to the Reference Literature REF PN 1994. E 47 2006
Films by Genre: 775 Categories, Styles, Trends, and Movements Defined REF PN 1998. L 63 1993
Rough Guide to Film REF PN 1993.45 R 68 2007

Journal Articles

Academic Search Premier
This multidisciplinary database contains articles on actors, directors, screenwriters, film styles and genres, reviews, and much more.
International Index to the Performing Arts
Search through hundreds of performing arts journals and magazines for information about film criticism, reviews, film styles and genres, and more.
JSTOR is an online archive of older journals and magazines and can be used to find film criticism and other articles about the performing arts.
LexisNexis Academic
This database has a newspaper archive that goes back to the mid-1970s and is a great source of movie reviews.
Project Muse
Project Muse is an online archive of humanities journals, and contains dozens of theater and film criticism periodicals.

Web Resources

Film Site
Created by American Movie Classics, this site contains extensive plot summaries and reviews of thousands of movies. There are also extensive histories of genre films, top 100 lists, and more.
Guide to Web Resources in Film Studies
Created by librarians at Indiana University—Bloomington, this page contains links to film clips, reviews, film history, and movie news.
Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
Use this resource to find cast lists, plot synopses and even film trivia and goofs.
Internet Moving Images Archive: Movie Collection
This project, hosted by the Internet Archive, collects images and videos that document the history of film.
Every week, the Chicago Sun Times publishes new movie reviews from renowned film critic Roger Ebert. A free archive of older reviews is also available.
Rotten Tomatoes
This is a unique site the collects and aggregates movie reviews from newspapers and other sources.
Who's Who of Victorian Cinema
This unique website, hosted and maintained by the British Film Institute, contains extensive biographies for the pioneers of film, including Thomas Edison, Sarah Bernhardt, and many more.