Background Information

More books about geography and related topics can be found using the Library's catalog.

Atlas of the World REF G 1021. G 4125 2007
Columbia Gazetteer of the World REF G 103.5 C 645 2008
Companion Encyclopedia of Geography: From Local to Global REF G 116. C 645 2007
Dictionary of Geography Online only
Encyclopedia of Human Geography REF GF 4. E 54 2006
Encyclopedia of World Geography REF G 63. E 556 2005
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Physical Geography REF GB 10. E 53 1994
Hammond Historical World Atlas REF G 1030. H 3203 2007
Modern Geography: An Encyclopedic Survey REF G 63. M 57 1991
National Geographic Almanac of Geography REF G 123. N 37 2005

Journal Articles

America: History and Life
This database contains articles on American history.
This geology database can be used to locate articles on geography, GIS, geology, hydrology, and other earth science topics.
Historical Abstracts
This database contains articles on world history from the 1400s to the present.
This is an online journal archive that can be used to search decades of geographical journal issues.
Military and Government Collection
This database focuses on articles about the military and government, as well as articles produced by the American military and government.

Web Resources

GIS Resources

This monthly newsletter contains information about and tips for using ArcGIS, the GIS software the Library currently subscribes to. Previous issues are available. searches over 36 databases and 1,850 selected websites, offering 200 million pages of authoritative U.S. government science information, including research and development results.
Wolfram Alpha
This new search engine can be used to find the answers to factual questions and can solve mathematical and engineering problems, look up materials and chemical properties, and much more.
USGS Geography page
Maintained by the U.S. Geological Survey, this site has links to services, educational sites, and products, dedicated to monitoring "the changes that occur on the land surface using remote sensing, studies the connections between people and those changes, and then provides individuals and society with information they can use to cope with the consequences of those changes."

Maps & Images

Includes both political and physical maps for most countries in the world; the site also provides world and continent maps.
Earth Observatory
Provides satellite imagery and maps of natural disasters, climate and climate change, vegetation, weather, and more. Maps and images are organized by date, but the site is also searchable. Time lapse imagery is also available.
Google Earth
Google Earth is a program that offers a scalable map of the entire world. Program requires download and installation.
This site offers free downloads of TIFF images of 1:24,000 scale USGS topographical maps of all 50 states.
Map History
This site contains thousands of links to sites on the history of cartography, map making, map collecting, news and more.
Map Library
The Map Library is a collection of free, downloadable shape files and other GIS information for the world. More GIS data is available for Africa and Central America (including Mexico).
Provides driving directions with scalable, coordinating maps.
NYPL Map Warper
The NYPL Map Warper is a tool for digitally aligning ("rectifying") historical maps from the NYPL's collections to match today's precise maps.
Perry Castenada Library Map Collection, University of Texas
Site contains various regional, historical, and world maps. It includes topographical, political, and other types of maps.
TIGER/Line (US Census Bureau)
The US Census Bureau has collected shapefiles and demographic data for the entire United States. Files are available for download.
Site provides access to USGS 1:100,000, 1:63,360, 1:25,000, and 1:24,000 scale topographic maps for the entire United States
Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest. There are now nearly 600 maps.