Geology & Earth Sciences

Background Information

More books about geology and earth sciences can be found in section QE.

Dictionary of Earth Sciences Online only
Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences REF QE 5. E 5137 1996
Encyclopedia of Geology REF QE 5. E 516 2005
Encyclopedia of Paleontology REF QE 703. E 523 1999
Encyclopedia of Volcanoes REF QE 522. E 53 2000
Glossary of Geology REF QE 5. G 37 2005
Oxford Companion to the Earth REF QE 5. O 94 2000

Journal Articles

Academic Search Premier
This multidisciplinary database is a great place to start looking for articles on any topic.
Applied Science and Technology
This general science database has millions of articles on geology, earth sciences, environmental science, and related fields.
GEORef is the premier geology article database and can be used to locate articles on a wide variety of topics including chemistry, tectonics, geologic time, hydrology, and more.
JSTOR is a journal archive that includes articles on scientific topics, including geography and paleontology.
Nature Precedings
Created by Nature Publishing, this database provides access to preprints of academic papers in genetics, biology, microbiology, and more.

Web Resources

Encyclopedia of Earth
The Encyclopedia of Earth contains information on geology, evolution, biology, and more.
This site is a portal to geosciences information created by the United States Government. In addition to statistical and scientific information, this site can also be used to find and create maps.
Geology and Earth Sciences Terms and Definitions
This online dictionary contains short, mostly jargon-free definitions of many geology and earth sciences terms.
The main goal of this site is to enable interagency data management and sharing. The result is that government high-quality data is available to everyone. "Ask Dr. Global Change" helps user's access data to answer specific global change questions.
Created by geologists at the Research Foundation of the State of New York, this site is a database of articles, books, and other materials about earthquakes. No full text is included in the database. Use the Library's catalog or Journals by Title to locate copies. searches over 36 databases and 1,850 selected websites, offering 200 million pages of authoritative U.S. government science information, including research and development results.
State of Utah Government Publications
Search the State of Utah's Digital Library for thousands of government documents on the geology and hydrology of Utah.
Structural Geology on the Web
This Web site, aptly characterized as "a deformed road cut along the information superhighway," provides a comprehensive array of hypertext links to resources in structural geology and in the deeper area of tectonics, including plate tectonics.
U.S. Geological Survey Library
This site has four main sections. The "What's New" section deals with current database and information projects. A second section, "About the Library" addresses the library's topical coverage, the conditions of public access, and the identity of administrative, reference, circulation, and loan personnel at each library location. The third section "Databases" features a link to the indexed catalog of holdings in the USGS library. The fourth section "Special Collections" includes a number of important links to searchable indexes.
Western Waters Digital Library
The Western Waters Library contains information about books and reports on hydrology and water issues in the American West.
Wolfram Alpha
This new search engine can be used to find the answers to factual questions and can solve mathematical and engineering problems, look up materials and chemical properties, and much more.