Health Care Reform

Background Information

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Business of Healthcare RA 395. A 3 B 875 2008
Confronting America's Health Care Crisis: Establishing a Clinic for the Medically Uninsured RA 395. A 3 P 3757 2008
Healthcare Fix: Universal Insurance for All Americans RA 412.2. K 68 2007
Second Opinion: Rescuing Amerca's Healthcare RA 395. A 3 R 45 2007
Sick: The Untold Story of America's Healthcare Crisis--And the People Who Pay the Price RA 395. A 3 C 635 2007
Sicko [DVD] MEDIA RA 395. A 3 S 515 2007
Truth About Health Care: Why Reform is Not Working in America RA 395. A 3 M 4184 2006

Journal Articles

Academic Search Premier
This multidisciplinary database is a great place to search for articles on any topic. It can help you locate the latest information about the health care reform debate.
CQ Researcher
CQ Researcher can be used to locate reports on current health issues such as obesity, nutrition, cancer, and the current debate about health care reform.
Health Source: Consumer Edition
This database presents health and health care information for patients and consumers. This is an excellent place to start looking for information about health care reform that discusses medicine.

Web Resources
This site is the US Government's portal to information about the Affordable Care Act.
Health Care Reform News
Track the latest news stories about health care reform on this page presented by the New York Times.
What You Need to Know About Health Care Reform
Created by CNN, this brief list of points gives you the basics about health care and the need for reform, including figures on the average cost of health care.