Research Guide: Prescription Drug Addiction

Background Information

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Journal Articles

Academic Search Premier

This database covers a wide range of topics and can be used to locate articles about prescription drug abuse, programs and treatments, and other studies.


This general medical database offers access to thousands of articles on prescription drug addiction, risk factors, treatment options, statistics, and more.


This clinical psychology database can be used to find articles that focus on the psychological aspects of medication abuse. It includes articles on neurology, psychopharmacology, and other topics.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

This psychology database focuses more on counseling and behavioral psychology and can be used to find more information on risk factors and treatment options.


Similar to MEDLINE, PubMed is a general medical database and can be used to find additional articles on these topics.

Web Resources

Prescription Drug Abuse: Medline Plus

This site contains a wealth of information about prescription drug addiction. Created by medical professionals, this site includes statistics, topic overviews, government reports and much more.

Prescription Drug Abuse: Office of National Drug Control Policy

Created by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, this site contains a wealth of statistical information about the prescription drug abuse problem in the United States. It also includes links to more resources from other government agencies.

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