Racial Profiling

Background Information

More books on profiling can be found using the Library's catalog.

But is it Racial Profiling? Policing, Pretext Stops, and the Color of Suspicion HV 7936. R 3 G 86 2007
Character and Cops: Ethics in Policing HV 7924. D 45 2011
Color of Guilt and Innocence: Racial Profiling and Police Practices in America HV 7936. R 3 H 65 2004
Race, Crime, and Justice: A Reader HV 6197. U 5 R 334 2005

Journal Articles

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Web Resources

Racial Profiling
Created by the American Civil Liberties Union, this page presents articles and reports about cases of racial profiling.
Racial Profiling Data Collection Resource Center
This site, created by Northwestern University's Institute on Race and Justice and the US Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance, this site publishes news and statistics on racial profiling in the United States. This site also contains a guide to legislation on profiling at the state level.
This search engine specializes in finding data, reports, and websites created by state and federal government.