Sleep Deprivation

Background Information

More books and videos on sleep deprivation and related topics can be found using the Library's catalog.

Combating Sleep Disorders RC 547. S 47 2008
Encyclopedia of Sleep and Sleep Disorders REF RC 547. Y 34 2010
Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems Online only
Insomniac RC 547. G 75 2008
Sleep: An Overview [Streaming Video] Online only
Sleep Deprivation: Causes, Effects and Treatment Online only
Sleep Disorders [Streaming Video] Online only
Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Health Need Online only
Sleep Famine [DVD] RC 548. S 54 2004
Sleep Medicine RC 547. S 54 2008

Journal Articles

Academic Search Premier
This multidisciplinary database is a great place to begin a search on any psychological or sociological topic, from mental illness to developmental psychology to group dynamics.
This general medical database can be used to track down articles on the physical effects of sleep deprivation, as well as potential causes of sleep deprivation such as snoring and sleep apnea.
Created by the American Psychological Association, this database contains scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles from top psychology journals on sleep and sleep deprivation.
PsycINFO is another great psychology database. It can be used to locate even more scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles on sleep deprivation.
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection
This psychology database focuses more on the behavioral, emotional, and developmental aspects of psychology and can be used to locate information on sleep deprivation, the psychological causes of sleep deprivation, and more.

Web Resources

Brain Basics: Understanding Sleep
Developed by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, this guide offers an in-depth introduction to sleep, sleep behaviors, and sleep disorders.
National Sleep Foundation
The National Sleep Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to researching sleep issues and disorders.
Sleep and Sleep Disorders
This portal was created by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and contains data, statistics, and research on sleep.