Stress and Health

Background Information

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Coping With Stress [Streaming Video] Online only
Emotions, Stress, and Health R 726.7 Z 38 2003
Encyclopedia of Stress REF QP 82.2 S 8 E 53 2007
Handbook of Stress, Coping, and Health: Implications for Nursing Research, Theory, and Practice QP 82.2 S 8 H 357 2000
Help! I'm Stressed! [Streaming Video] Online only
Staying Sane in the Fast Lane: Emotional Health in the 21st Century Online only
Stress: Portrait of a Killer [Streaming Video] Online only
Stress in Health and Disease RC 455.4 S 87 S 774 2006
When the Body Says No: Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection RC 49. M 345 2003
Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: An Updated Guide to Stress, Stress-related Diseases, and Coping QP 82.2 S 8 S 266 1998

Journal Articles

Academic Search Premier
This general database contains articles on stress, health, physiology, psychology, and other related topics.
Health Source: Consumer Edition
This database offers articles for patients and consumers and can be used to locate articles about the health effects of stress.
This general medical database offers access to thousands of articles the relationship between stress and physical health.
Created by the American Psychological Association, this full text database contains thousands of articles about stress management, the psychological impact of stress, and related topics.
This psychology database can be used to locate articles about the impact of stress on mental health.
Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection
This psychology database contains articles on the psychological effects of stress, stress management, and more.

Web Resources

MedlinePlus: Stress
MedlinePlus is a very useful, very accurate online encyclopedia of health topics and directory of health resources. Their entry on stress not only discusses the causes of stress, but also how people can cope with it and the impact of stress on mental and physical health.
Stress Management
Created by the Mayo Clinic, this portal offers a wealth of information on stress management, as well as multiple reports on the health effects of stress.
Stress Resources
Developed by, this site contains links to numerous studies on the effects of stress on the health of college students.