Background Information

More books about technology can be found on the fourth floor, section T.

Dictionary of Information Science and Technology REF T 58.5 D 499 2007
Encyclopedia of 20th Century Technology REF T 9. E 462 2005
Handbooks and Tables in Science & Technology REF Q 199. P 68 1994
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology REF Q 121. M 3 2007
Science, Technology, & Society REF Q 124.8 E 53 2008

Journal Articles

Academic Search Premier
Academic Search Premier is a great place to look for articles on any topic.
Applied Science and Technology
This general science and technology database can be used to locate thousands of articles on computer hardware and software, programming, and other related topics.
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
The DOAJ is a source of free open access articles on a wide variety of topics.
IEEE Xplore Digital Library
The IEEE's digital library can be used to locate articles on topics as diverse as computer programming, robotics, advanced technology, mathematics, and more.
Safari eBooks
Safari eBooks is an online library of computer science and technology books. It includes the O'Reilly Guides and other how-to programming and computer science guides.

Web Resources searches over 36 databases and 1,850 selected websites, offering 200 million pages of authoritative U.S. government science information, including research and development results.
An exhaustive general encyclopedia that includes links to other relevant resources. Content may be edited or added to by users. Inappropriate changes are usually removed quickly making it more reliable than many such web encyclopedias.
Wolfram Alpha
This new search engine can be used to find the answers to factual questions and can solve mathematical and engineering problems, look up materials and chemical properties, and much more.