Checkout Protocols

Checkout Period

Books, CDs, Maps

Faculty, Staff &
Graduate Students

4 Weeks 16 Weeks
2 Renewals
Unlimited items


Videos Reserve Equipment
7 Days Most are 2 Hours 24 Hours
5 Items at a time 3 Items at a time Unlimited
1 renewals 0 Renewals

*Includes: UVU, UCAS and concurrent enrollment students, as well as UALC students and faculty.

Checking Out Materials

A UVID or other state or federal issued ID is required for checkout. Provide proof of current UVU association to renew expired account.

Items may be renewed twice in-person, online, or over the phone (801.863.8886). Further renewals may be considered when items are brought to a circulation desk.

A checkout receipt will be emailed within 24 hours of checkout. Failure to receive an email suggests we do not possess the correct address. Check for an email reminder when items are nearing due dates.

UALC partner institution affiliates may request library privileges by presenting valid institutional ID. They must register with UVU Library by providing a valid address, phone number, and email address. 

Fines & Fees, and Lost & Damaged Items

Fine Accrual Rates
Books, Maps, CDs $0.25/day Up to $5.00
Videos $1.00/day Up to $25.00
Reserve Items $2.00/hr Up to $50.00
Media Equipment $2.00/hr Up to $50.00


Fragile and high-demand items marked with a book drop warning sticker are subject to a $5.00 fine if returned in the book drop.
Checkout privileges are blocked when more than $10.00 in fines have accrued or if the account has expired. We will hold desired items for 24 hours for account issues to be resolved.
Items more than 30 days overdue are designated Lost, and the patron will be billed for replacement costs plus $10.00 processing fee per item. Accounts with Lost items may be sent to an outside collections agency after six months. Outstanding fees and fines will affect patron’s graduation eligibility.
New/replacement copies of a lost or damaged book cannot be accepted without prior consent from the library.

Holds and Recalls

A hold may be requested for items with any of the following statuses:

  1. Item currently checked out
  2. Item on order
  3. Item currently checked in. Requested item(s) will be made available the following morning.

Once a hold is activated, the person will be notified by phone or e-mail. The item will be held for five days after which it will be removed and the item will either be placed on hold for the next person or placed back into general circulation.

Patrons may request that an item be recalled. The patron in possession of the item has up to four weeks to return the item to the Library. Once returned, the item is treated as a hold.

Proxy Borrowers

Proxy borrowing is available in special circumstances when a registered borrower is not able to check out material personally and needs to send someone to check out materials in his or her place. Examples of valid proxy borrowing are when a faculty member assigns an assistant to retrieve library materials for him/her, or when an ill or disabled student sends a spouse or associate to retrieve library materials for him/her.

Both the primary borrower and their proxy must complete and sign the User Group Permission Form, which must then be reviewed and signed by a circulation supervisor or librarian.

Once approved, the proxy borrower will have rights to check out library material using the primary borrower's record. The primary borrower will be responsible for all late fines and other charges and is responsible for notifying the Library when the proxy rights should be rescinded.

Terms and Conditions

Library items are covered by the injunction against theft, misappropriation, damage, or loss of university property as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Code (UVU Policy 541). Appropriate measures will be taken against any student that violates this expectation with regards to Library property.

Contact Us

  • Circulation Desk: (801) 863-8886