Circulation Procedures and Protocols

Last Update: February 5, 2014

The UVU library's mission is accomplished by providing students, faculty, and staff the fullest access to all library materials. The librarians, as the circulation agents for library materials, retain management responsibilities for the entire collection in order to fully address the information needs of individual patrons. The following circulation policies are designed to provide accessibility of the collection to all patrons while meeting the needs of individual patrons.
  1. General Guidelines
    1. Various non-circulating items, such as journals and magazines, may be checked out by faculty. The lending period will be decided at the time of check out and will depend upon the needs of the faculty member and the demand of the item.
    2. Fines for late items will not be waived for faculty members. Faculty members will also be responsible for paying fines on lost or damaged items
    3. In accordance with the ALA Librarians' Code of Ethics, the UVU library will "protect each user's right to privacy with respect to information sought or received and materials consulted, borrowed, or acquired," meaning circulation information will not be divulged.
    4. Books, Cassettes, and Multimedia
      1. Books, Audio Cassettes, CDs, and Multimedia Kits: The lending period for books and audio cassette/multimedia kits is three (3) weeks for students and sixty (60) days for faculty and staff. Items can be renewed once. After one (1) renewal, the patron must return the items to check them out again. There is no limit of books, audio cassette/multimedia kit per patron. Late fees per item are as follows:
        1. Three (3) day grace period
        2. Fourth day overdue: $1.00
        3. Each additional day overdue: $0.25 per day
        4. Maximum fine per book: $5.00
      2. Reference Books: Books with classification numbers designated REF (reference) and an orange sticker on the call number do not circulate. All other reference books circulate for three (3) days.
        1. One (1) day grace period
        2. Second day overdue: $.50
        3. Each additional day overdue: $0.25 per day
        4. Maximum fine per book: $5.00
      3. Children's Literature Books: Children's literature books may be checked out for seven (7) days. Each patron is limited to ten (10) children's books at one time. Children's books may be renewed one (1) time. Late fees per children's book are as follows:
        1. One (1) day grace period
        2. Second day overdue: $.50
        3. Each additional day overdue: $0.25 per day
        4. Maximum fine per book: $5.00
    5. Videos
      1. Library Videos: Five (5) library videos and three (3) Distance Learning videos per patron may be checked out at one time. All reserve videos must be returned to the Circulation Desk to avoid additional fines.
      2. Library videocassettes checkout for three (3) days. These videos may be renewed one (1) time. Late fees per video are as follows:
        1. One (1) day grace period
        2. Second day overdue: $2.00
        3. Each additional day overdue: $1.00 per day
        4. Maximum fine per book: $25.00
      3. Distance Education Videos: Distance Education videos have a checkout period of two (2) days and may not be renewed. Fines are $5.00 per day on each video; there is no grace period. Distance Education videos cannot be reserved and are available on a first come, first serve basis.
    6. Reserve Items
      1. Reserve items circulate as requested by individual faculty members. Fines for each reserve item are $2.00 per hour. Faculty members placing photocopied materials on reserve must abide by the copyright rules (see Photocopies, Copyright Law and Library Reserve Guidelines).
    7. Serials
      1. Serials do not circulate to students. Law books in sets are also considered serials. The following rules apply to faculty and staff periodical checkout:
        1. Bound periodicals do not circulate to faculty or staff.
        2. Faculty and staff may check out current periodicals for 48 hours.
      2. Interlibrary Loan Materials
        1. Materials that are unavailable from the UVU Library can be obtained from other city, state and national libraries through Interlibrary Loan (see Interlibrary Loan). Only members of the UVU population (UVU students, faculty and staff) are eligible for ILL service.
      3. Community Patron Library Cards
        1. A community patron library card is available for $20.00 per year.
        2. UVU alumni card holders may purchase a community patron card for $10.00 per year.
        3. Patron card holders are eligible for all circulation privileges within the UVU Library, with exclusion of the Interlibrary Loan service, Reserve material, and Distance Education videos.
      4. Maps
        1. Maps may be checked out for three (3) days.
      5. Lost or Damaged Books
        1. A book will be declared lost after it is missing for 30 days.
        2. The cost of a damaged item will be assessed at the time the item is turned in. A $10.00 processing fee will also be assessed at this time.
    8. Other Utah Academic Libraries
      1. UVU students and faculty can check out materials from any other Utah academic institution library with their UVID. BYU checkout also requires two pieces of mail (to verify your address) and a state-issued ID.

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