Confidentiality Protocol

Last Update: Feb 5, 2014 

Patron Requests

A patron must present either their ID or their UVID number, either in person or on the telephone, before any information will be given concerning:

  1. Items charged out
  2. Items overdue
  3. Fine information
  4. Hold information (either items on hold or those awaiting collection)

When speaking to a family member and not to the patron, information about the material should be restricted as to information that does not reveal the content.


  • A videocassette borrowed is overdue and should be returned.
  • A book that had been reserved is now in and can be picked up.

If information is requested by a person other than the patron, the staff should state that they are only permitted to discuss specific information with the patron.

Patron Information

Address, phone numbers, or any other personal information from a patron's record may not be given out.