Gifts to the Library

Last Update: April 23, 2013

The Library is grateful for gifts and the contribution they make toward enriching the collections, but reserves the privilege of deciding whether a gift should be added to the collection. Donors are encouraged, wherever possible, to submit a list of items offered which can be compared with materials currently in the collection and collection needs.

The following types of materials will not be included in the collection:

  • materials excluded from acquisition by the Collection Development Guidelines
  • out-of-date material not of historical value
  • a duplicate of items already in the collection unless usage warrants inclusion
  • materials in poor physical condition which would not justify the expense of processing.
  • VHS tapes.

The Library reserves the right to dispose of materials that are not added to the collection.

The Library will determine the classification, housing, and circulation guidelines of all gift items, and no restrictions on usage may be made by the donor. A git receipt letter will be furnished to the donor. By tax law, the Library cannot be responsible for the monetary valuation.

Donation Form for Small Gifts-in-Kind (Under $5,000)
Donation Form for Large Gifts-in-Kind (Over $5,000)