Library Instruction Mission Statement

Last Update: April 13, 2014

The Library Instruction Program exists to promote the information literacy of students, faculty, and staff. Our mission parallels the college's mission of "meeting the needs for continuing education for personal enrichment and career enhancement."

With a strong emphasis on student learning, the librarians teach computer and information management skills and concepts. As a result, graduates of this university will be able to integrate information literacy skills into their career and transfer these skills into a lifetime of learning and personal growth.

Our program goals are to:

  1. Teach information literacy skills to students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Teach concepts underlying how and why information is created, organized, and accessed; analyzing the research question; developing an appropriate search strategy; developing search queries; and evaluating what is found for relevance, quality, etc.
  3. Support Utah Valley University faculty by:
    1. Providing course-integrated Library instruction to programs, colleges, and departments.
    2. Offering classes that increase computer literacy and technical competencies.
  4. Develop instructional resources in information research and management that satisfy the needs of learners with varying skills and learning styles.
  5. Continuously improve and meet the changing expectations of the faculty, students, staff, and the university community.