Lost and/or Damaged Materials

Last Update: June 28, 2012

Materials borrowed via any mechanism are the responsibility of the Library patron. Replacement cost (not original purchase price) is the responsibility of any patron who borrows and loses any Library material.

Lost and/or Damaged Materials Fines

  1. In addition to replacement cost, a non-refundable processing fee of $10 will be assessed for each lost or damaged item.
  2. Retail replacement cost of any item which is lost or damaged beyond repair and for which a current price can be found.
  3. Average replacement cost for any item which is lost or damaged beyond repair and for which a current price cannot be found. Average prices as of June 2012 are:
    • Hard bound books: $44.00
    • Soft bound books: $25.00
    • Feature films DVDs: $25.00
    • Foreign film DVDs: $79.00
    • Documentaries not in series: $150.00 - $800.00
    • Series: $200.00 - $3000.00
    • Music CDs: $20.00
    • Music CDs out of print: $50.00
    • CD-ROM products: $150.00 - $200.00
  4. Materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan which are lost or damaged are charged to the patron according to the bill provided by the lending agency.
  5. Bindery repair: If a book must be rebound the cost is $10.00.
  6. Minor repair (in-house): Damaged books will be assessed and assigned a repair cost as needed.

Mutilation of Library Materials

  1. It is the responsibility of the patron to check for and report damaged materials before taking them out of the Library.
  2. Damages for mutilated materials will be assessed as follows:
    1. Unbound Periodicals: Cost per issue (varies), plus processing fee: minimum of $17.00 total.
    2. Bound Periodicals: Cost of all issues in volume (varies), plus $13.50 binding cost, plus $10.00 processing fee.
    3. Newspapers: Flat $10.00 processing fee per issue.
    4. Books: Replacement cost of book, plus $10 processing fee.

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