Patron Conduct Protocol

Last Update: April 13, 2004

To insure that all patrons may have considerate use of the UVU Library, appropriate behavior is expected. Violation of any of the following rules will result in a warning and/or expulsion from the property. Whenever necessary, police will be contacted. The Director and supervisory staff have authority to carry out all powers of these protocols.

  1. Smoking or use of tobacco products is not allowed in the building.
  2. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Library staff will not assume responsibility for unattended children.
  3. Bathing or doing laundry in the restrooms is not permitted.
  4. Soliciting on Library property is not allowed.
  5. Patrons may not bring pets into the Library. Guide dogs are welcome.
  6. Patrons may not behave in a disruptive manner or allow their children to behave in a disruptive manner.
  7. Patrons may not harass Library personnel or other Library users.
  8. Shirts and shoes are required.
  9. Patrons under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol are not permitted.
  10. Patrons must abide by the UVU computer use protocols.

Patron Behavior

  1. If a patron's behavior is abusive or causes problems for other patrons or threatens the safety or well being of patrons or staff or threatens to cause damage to Library property, the Library may require the offending patron to leave Library property.
  2. If a patron's behavior is such that confrontation with a Library employee might, in the employee's best judgment, result in physical harm to any person or in damage to Library property, the Library may request assistance from Campus Police/Security. Under no circumstance should employees offer resistance to or attempt to physically restrain or apprehend a patron.
  3. Patrons who exhibit a pattern of offensive behavior may be denied access to the Library for a period of time determined by the Library.
  4. Employees who observe patrons deliberately attempting to steal, deface, or damage Library property must immediately request police assistance and be prepared to cooperate with Campus Police/Security in pursing legal action against the patron.

The following behavior will result in Criminal Prosecution:

  1. Loud, abusive, aggressive, threatening, and/or obscene language or behavior. (Disorderly Conduct)
  2. Destroying and/or damaging Library material(s), furniture, and/or other property. (Criminal Mischief)
  3. Using and/or distributing illegal substances. (Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance)
  4. Circumventing or attempting to circumvent the Library Security System. (Petty or Grand Larceny)
  5. Tampering with, altering, editing, and/or damaging computer hardware/software. (Computer Related Offenses)