Proxy Borrower Guidelines

Last Update: May 19, 2009

Primary Borrower: Registered student, Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, or Staff

Proxy Borrower: Spouse, teacher's assistant, parent/guardian, other

Proxy borrowing is available in special circumstances when a registered borrower is not able to check out material personally and needs to send someone to check out materials in his or her place. Examples of valid proxy borrowing are when a faculty member assigns an assistant to retrieve Library materials for him/her, or when an ill or disabled student sends a spouse or guardian to retrieve Library materials for him/her.

The primary borrower and person they would like to designate as their proxy must complete and sign a one page form. The form must be reviewed and approved by a Librarian or Circulation Supervisor.

Once approved, a Proxy Borrower Card will be issued to the Proxy Borrower allowing rights to check out Library material on the primary borrower's record. The primary borrower will be responsible for all late fines and other charges.

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