Check out Guidelines: UVU Staff

Last Update: August 23, 2012

Obtaining a Library Card

All current full-time and part-time staff at UVU receive full library privileges. The staff member's UVU ID card serves as their library card.

Library accounts expire once a year and UVU staff must verify their current contact information and provide proof of their their current association with UVU to renew an existing account.

Checking Out Materials

Staff must present their UVU ID card in order to check out materials. Check out privileges will be blicked if a patron has outstanding fines of more than $10.00 or if their account has expired.

A patron may request and receive a 24 hour hold on the item(s) he or she wishes to check out to allow the patron time to correct the situation that has resulted in loss of eligibility to borrow (e.g. fines, overdue items, or expired library account).

Item Limits

There is no item limit on books, career books, browsing books, CDs, and reference books. There is a five (5) item limit on videos, DVDs, maps, and CD-ROMs, and a ten (10) item limit on children's books. Only three (3) reserve items may be checked out at a time.

Loan Periods

Books, browsing books, career books, multimedia kits, and CDs check out to staff for 60 days, with one renewal. DVDs, videos, maps, and reference books check out for three (3) days. Children's literature checks out for seven (7) days. See Circulation Guidelines for more information about loan periods and overdue fines.

Overdue Items

Staff are responsible for all overdue fines accrued on their account. Fine rates are outlined here.

Renewing Items

Items may be renewed one (1) time as lone as a hold has not been placed on the item. Parons may renew items n person at the Library, over the phone, or online.

Holds and Recalls

Patrons may place a hold on items. Items that are checked out will become available when they are returned. Items on order will become available once they cataloged and shelf ready. Items that are on shelf will be pulled by the circulation staff the morning after the hold is placed.

When the requested materials are available, the Library will notify the patron placing the hold via email or phone. If the patron is not available via phone, a message will be left. The date of the message will be noted and the material will be held for the patron for a period of five (5) days. At the end of five days, the patron's hold will be removed and the item will either be placed on hold for the next patron on the list or placed back into general circulation.

A recall is the process of asking a patron to return an item. When an item has been recalled, the patron who has the item checked out has up to three (3) weeks to return the item to the library. Once it is returned it is treated the same as an item with a hold.

Lost or Damaged Items

UVU staff are responsible for all items checked out on their account. If items are lost or damaged, they are responsible for replacement or repair costs, along with a $10.00 non-refundable processing fee per item.

An item that has been checked out for more than 60 days past its due day will be assumed lost and the patron will be charged the full replacement cost as well as an additional $10.00 non-refundable processing fee.

Proxy Borrowers

Proxy borrowing is available in special circumstances when a registered borrower is not able to check out material personally and needs to send someone to check out materials in his or her place; for example, a staff member may assign an assistant to retrieve Library materials for him/her.

The primary borrower and the person they would like to designate as their proxy must complete and sign a one page form. The form must be reviewed and approved by a librarian or Circulation supervisor.

Once approved, the proxy borrower will have rights to check out Library material on the primary borrower's record. The primary borrower will be responsible for all late fines and other charges and is responsible for notifying the Library when the proxy rights should be rescinded.

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