Video Reserve Protocols

Last Update: Feb 5, 2014 

Faculty members are encouraged to place videos they will assign to their students on reserve for the semester. Use the UVU Library Video Reserve Request Form.

Check Out and Fines

Reserve videos circulate as requested by individual faculty members, generally anywhere from 2 to 24 hours and unless specified will not be allowed out of the library. Fines for late reserve video are $2.00 per hour. Videos will be labeled with the course abbreviation and course number as well as the name of the faculty member. Placing a film on Reserve does not mean that the film is reserved for the sole use of the requesting faculty member.

Video Streaming

In addition to keeping a copy of a video on reserve, we can also stream some video online. Videos are available online for up to two weeks before they are removed. Due to copyright and broadcast rights restrictions, we are unable to keep videos online for longer than two weeks. 

We can only stream videos that we own in DVD format or that are created by instructors (e.g. dance performances). If you are interested in streaming videos for your students, please let us know.

Video Reserve Eligibility

Materials may be placed on reserve for up to a full academic year. Items may not be placed on "indefinite" reserve. At the end of the semester specified on the Video Reserve Request Form, materials will be promptly returned to the owner, or if it is a Library owned item, returned to the stacks. Instructors may pick up personal copies at the end of the semester or they will be returned via campus mail.

Videos owned by the UVU Library may be placed on Library reserve. Copying is not permitted.

Videos not owned by the UVU Library can be put on reserve in most circumstances. The Library will initiate expedited orders to purchase any videos required for course reserves. Pending the receipt of videos so ordered, the Library may place personal copies belonging to instructors on reserve. The UVU Library is not responsible for damage to personal copies. Personal copies will be removed from reserve when the Library-purchased copy is received. Neither videos rented by instructors at video rental outlets nor those checked out from other libraries can be put on reserve.


In compliance with U.S. Copyright Law, UVU Library videos and DVDs may be used by faculty or students in the classroom for any course. However, this material may not be used for lectures/programs outside the classroom. Such use constitutes a public performance, even if the event is free and/or accompanied by lecture or discussion. Faculty who would like to secure public performance rights for Library material should contact the Media Librarian. For more information, please consult Section 110(1) of the U.S. Copyright Law.

U.S. Copyright Law provides that off-air (privately made) recordings of television programs may be shown in class, by the instructor, within ten consecutive school days of the broadcast date. Any copyright notice should be included on the recording. A copy may be retained by the faculty member for an additional 45 days, during which s/he should seek copyright clearance. After this time, all copies should be erased or destroyed. If the television program is commercially available, a purchase request should be submitted to the Media Librarian.

Video Availability

Many of UVU Library owned films are single copies (e.g. documentaries and/or older films) that can be either very expensive and time consuming to replace, or that may be out of print, and hence irreplaceable. Films are tracked diligently in order to maximize availability for both students who are to view films and faculty who wish to screen them in class.

Viewing Reserve Videos

The Library has video players available for public use on the second floor of the Library. Headphones may be checked out at the circulation desk as well as audio splitters so that more than one student can listen to the video at the same time. Students in groups larger than three (3) are encouraged to use the media viewing rooms on the second floor or the large group study rooms on the third and fifth floors. Group rooms may be reserved in advance on the Library web page. (Schedule a Group Study Room)

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