Math Links

Check out these links to interesting and handy math resources on the internet:

College Algebra on MP4

College Algebra lectures that can be downloaded on your computer or your iPod.

Worldwide Center of Mathematics

Video-taped calculus lectures

The web site of George W. Hart

A fun collection of George's geometric sculptures, paper polyhedra, Zome geometry, and even a recipe for Trilobite cookies

Harvey Mudd College Mathematics Online Tutorials

Well written explanations of math topics from pre-calculus through linear algebra and differential equations.

Visual Calculus

Extensive tutorial modules covering topics from pre-calculus and calculus.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics

Computer based mathematical manipulatives designed for use at the elementary and middle school level. This library, designed by a team of professors from Utah State University, is an excellent resource for students in Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers.

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

44 Questions to determine your cognitive learning style