Tutoring Services

Drop-in Tutoring:

Come into the Math Lab (LA 201), Math Computer Lab (LA004), or Calc & Stats Lab (LC 301) to do your homework. Put up a flag when you have a question and a tutor will work with you. Additional tutoring is available in the Losee Tutoring Commons (LC 405Q). Hours in the satellite locations vary due to room and tutor availability. Ask for current hours at the front desk of the Math Lab (LA 201).


On-Line Tutoring:

The Math Lab provides online tutoring from Smarthinking.com. To use Smarthinking.com, come into the Math Lab or click "Connect to a Tutor" in MyMathLab.

Individualized Tutoring:

Free one-on-one tutoring is available for all students. Schedule an appointment at the front desk 801-863-8310. No referral is necessary.

Volunteer Tutoring

Volunteer tutors are available for one hour per week per class. Request a volunteer tutor at the front desk 801-863-8310 and be matched for the entire semester.


Get the most out of your visit:

  • Don't wait until just before the test to get help. Come Early. Come Often.
  • Sit with others studying the same course. You'll learn better by working together.
  • Try to work the problem before you ask for help, so you can ask a specific question.