Math Refresher MOOC


Utah Valley University’s University College is being offered again in the summer of 2017. The course is designed primarily for current students, or students who will be starting or restarting college within the next year. It provides math refresher materials covering a wide range of mathematical concepts.

Incoming college students are placed in math courses based on placement exams. Students with lower scores are required to take more math courses. Preparation for these placement exams can mean higher scores and fewer required math courses in college. Students who have already taken a placement exam (e.g. ACT) can use these materials to study and retest, hopefully scoring higher.

The study materials in the course are individualized, based on a student’s current knowledge. Each student will be provided a customized learning path, so study time is spent where it’s needed most.

The course is completely free, and while we plan to specifically invite as many incoming/prospective/current UVU students as possible, it is open to anyone in the world. Students will have a variety of ways to interact with the instructor/UVU peer mentors and get answers to their questions.