About the UVU MBA

UVU's MBA programs focus on application and practice through the use of case studies, projects and interactions with organizations and business leaders on a regional, national and international level.


Primary Program Goals

Develop effective critical thinking skills

Create strong awareness of ethical issues and resolution skills

Instill cross-discipline integration skills

Full-Time Program

Typical Student Profile

  • Full-Time student
  • Average of 24 years old
  • 0-3 years work experience

Program Details

  • 3 semesters, 12 credits per semester
  • Monday-Friday daytime
  • Area emphasis: Accounting & Management

Part-Time Program

Typical Student Profile

  • Working Professional
  • Average of 32 years old
  • 5 years work experience

Program Details

  • 6 semesters, 6 credits per semester
  • Tuesday & Thursday Evening
  • Area emphasis: Accounting & Management

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The Woodbury School of Business aspires to be the premier undergraduate business school in the intermountain states recognized for its up-to-date curriculum, quality faculty, and graduates who continue to learn and achieve in the world of business.

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