MBA Prerequisites

FULL-Time MBA Prerequisites

Students must complete all prerequisite and proficiency courses prior to beginning the program. Prerequisite courses must be completed with a "C" grade or better to meet the requirements. All proficiency courses will be offered during the summer semester in an abbreviated format.

  • ACC 2010Financial Accounting3.0
  • ACC 2020Managerial Accounting3.0
  • ACC 3000Financial Managerial Cost Concepts3.0
  • ECON 2010Microeconomics3.0
  • ECON 2020Macroeconomics3.0
  • FIN 3100Principles of Finance3.0
  • MGMT 2340Business Statistics I3.0
  • MGMT 3000Organizational Behavior3.0
  • MGMT 3450Operations Management3.0
  • MKTG 3600Principles of Marketing3.0

PART-Time MBA Prerequisites

Students must complete all prerequisites and proficiency courses prior to beginning the program. The prerequisite courses for Finance and Business Statistics taken within the last five years with a "C" grade or better by April 1 of each year, meet the prerequisite requirement. There is no time limit for the Accounting prerequisite courses, as long as they have been taken.

  • ACC 2010Financial Accounting3.0
  • and ACC 2020Managerial Accounting3.0
  • or ACCFinancial Managerial Cost Concepts
  • FIN 3100Principles of Finance3.0
  • or HBSFinance Online Proficiency Course
  • MGMT 2340Business Statistics3.0
  • or HBSQuantitative Methods Online Proficiency Course

If you have not taken the prerequisite courses for Finance and Business Statistics within the last five years, you may take the Harvard Business School (HBS) online proficiency courses. Alternatively, you may take the traditional courses at Utah Valley University or another accredited school to meet this requirement. Please see the Proficiency Courses page for more information regarding these courses.

Accounting Emphasis PrerequisitesBoth Full and Part-time Students

In addition, all students pursuing an accounting emphasis must fulfill the following additional prerequisites (or equivalents) with a grade of C or higher.

  • ACC 3010Intermediate Accounting I3.0
  • ACC 3020Intermediate Accounting II3.0
  • ACC 3300Cost Management3.0
  • ACC 3400Individual Income Tax3.0
  • ACC 3510Accounting Information Systems3.0
  • ACC 4020Advanced Financial Accounting3.0
  • ACC 4110Auditing3.0
  • ACC 4420Corporate Tax3.0
  • or ACC 4400Taxation of Corp/Part/Estates/Trusts3.0

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