Part-time MBA student, James Grierson, was on a leadership growth track with his current employer but knew he was missing vital skills to take his company to the next level.


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Some people wonder what we mean when we say we are trying to make our students 'Value Creators'. This term is examined in this article and it is explained why our program differentiates itself from the competition.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Tanner Wheadon is one of the most innovative and thoughtful students in our program. Learn how his experience as a University Fellow has led him into a great career path.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Lyn Wells bring a spicy new background to the UVU MBA program with her extensive knowledge in culinary arts. Learn more about Wells here!

Utah Valley University Professional-in-Residence (professor) Jim Mortensen has only been in academia for a few years. But, his decades-worth experience as a management consultant in far corners of the globe are helping prepare his students to become tomorrow's top advisors for local, national and international clients. Mortensen's expertise in technology, coupled with strategies for management consulting, are an incredible resource his students can take advantage of.