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Ephraim ZamoraEphraim Zamora

MBA Career Coordinator


The UVU MBA Program offers many resources to guide you through the complex career planning. Where most places will just work on your resume and will tell you, "Good Luck!" Ephraim strategically plans with you to reach your career objectives. 

The Career Management Process is Ephraim's method to help navigate the 

  • Research
  • Resume and Cover Letter writing
  • Interviews
  • The Follow-up,
  • Offer & Negotiation
  • Accepting & Transition

With this strategic approach, the UVU MBA Candidates are experiencing a higher rate of success. Come in and talk with Ephraim Zamora today! 

 Our Unique Approach- Custom Fit Career Development

Many students struggle with deciding on a post-career path to optimize their MBA experience. We help you determine the opportunities available, and then establish an initial plan- as soon as you begin the MBA program, not the end when it's too late. Whether you're coming into the MBA program with a plan in place, or you're hoping to pivot into a new passion, UVU Career Development has unique programs that will test your theories and expand your idea of what's possible.

Your Individual Career Development Plan 

Once we determine your initial chosen path, we conduct a gap analysis to determine where you are today, and where you need to be at graduation to obtain your desired job. We will then augment your in-class MBA curriculum with unique skill-building activities, experiences, and networks that will prepare and differentiate you for your chosen career. 

Differentiating Activities that Set Apart our MBA Students

Examples of unique career development activities available to UVU MBA Students:

  • International Consulting Project- We don't just travel abroad and see the sights, we do hands-on portfolio building projects in hand-picked companies and international locations that are customized to optimize the value to our students and potential hiring managers.
  • Unique Industry Certification opportunities: CFA Level 1, CAPM, PMP, CFP, Bloomberg, are some of the certifications available to UVU MBA students that help them to get placed at the top of every hiring manager's list.
  • Domestic Consulting Projects- students have an opportunity to not just do one, but several projects that directly engage companies in our community, provide value and interact directly with hiring managers that want to hire UVU students that create value, and have real, relevant experience.
  • UVU Enactus Team- Apply your business skills to make a real difference in the world, make an impact for good in our communities, interact directly with Fortune 500 Execs, and obtain employment at Fortune 500 companies looking to hire students with applied experience.
  • Competition Teams- Join our leading MBA finance competition CFA team and be courted by the top Financial institutions in Utah and beyond, our award winning AMA marketing team or Enactus presentation team.
  • Case Competitions- Participate in case competitions with local companies. Provide solutions for real problems with real executives and obtain real jobs as you prove your ability to create value for these companies.
  • We also have activities found in other MBA programs like 
    • Executive Speaker Series
    • Business Women's Roundtable
    • Career fairs
    • Alumni Monthly Lunch Networking event
    • Executive Mentoring

World Class Tools

Your development plan and activities will all contribute to your online portfolio built in our unique online career development platform that will allow hiring managers from across the world find you in their job searches alongside other leading MBA programs. Hiring managers today want to hire value creators, not "names." UVU students stand out as true "value creators" with substantive experience and certifications that cause them to stand out above the rest candidate search results in MBA Focus and on LinkedIn. 

These tools are also supported with online mentoring solutions and shadowing programs customized to help MBA students gain insights from professionals in their chosen field as well as build relevant networks.



Career Marketplace

for UVU Enactus Team

Two of the greatest challenges in the career search process are gaining access to information and being able to connect with the decision makers at a particular company. Through the Enactus Career Marketplace, you can overcome both of these challenges.

Click here to get started! To sign up for UVU Enactus, register here: https://apps.enactus.org/enactus/login.aspx

Learn about the history, culture and career paths offered by the companies, see open positions (often tailored to Enactus students/alumni) and directly connect with the right person within the company to take the next steps on your career journey.

To access the Enactus Career Marketplace you must be a registered UVU Enactus student or alumni. If you are already registered use the link below to gain access with your username and password:

 Career Marketplace

For additional resources on how Enactus can help you build your career visit the Enactus Career Connections page here: http://www.enactuscareerconnections.com/

To sign up for UVU Enactus, register here: https://apps.enactus.org/enactus/login.aspx

For more information on how to join UVU Enactus contact Ephraim Zamora or Bill Neal in the UVU MBA Office.