MBA Faculty

Course Number Course Name Instructor
ACC 6350 Accounting Strategies for Achieving Profit Goals  
ACC 6410 Tax and Research Procedure Black, Katherine
ACC 6510 Financial Auditing Cieslewicz, Joshua
ACC 6960 Accounting Theory and Research Smith, Kevin
ECON 6300 Managerial Economics Oliveira, Andre
ECON 6460 Economics for Decision Making Oliveira, Andre
FIN 6150 Financial Management Cox, Vaughn
LEGL 6000 Legal Challenges in Modern Business* Bartholomew, Aaron
MGMT 6200 Effectively Managing People and Facilitating Teams* Peterson, Jeff
MGMT 6250 Managing Human Capital* Peterson, Jeff
MGMT 6500 Managing Individuals and Groups Peterson, Jeff
MGMT 6510 Information Systems and Project Management Helquist, Joel
MGMT 6740 Operations and Supply Chain Management Hamidi, Mohsen
    Caliskan, Cenk
MGMT 6800 Global Business Strategy Mortenson, Jim
MGMT 6910 Designing Business* Robinson, Pete
MGMT 6930 International Engagement* Kupka, Bernd
    Peterson, Jeff
    Oliveira, Andre
    Dishman, Paul
MGMT 6940 MBA Consulting Project Mortenson, Jim
MGMT 6950 Ethical Decision Making* Peterson, Jeff
MKTG 6600 Marketing Strategy Huff, Steve
MKTG 6610 Competitive Intelligence and Analysis* Dishman, Paul
MKTG 6810 Identifying and Leveraging Customer Opportunities* Huff, Steve
MKTG 6860 Applied Business Research Carter, Larry
MKTG 6920 Creativity and Innovative Problem Solving* Huff, Steve