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Mobility Mission is currently working with local governments, prosthetists, non-profit organizations, donors, and foundations to raise funds and awareness to provide high-end, low-cost prosthetics. A lack of public, entrepreneurial, and government awareness is the root source of the debilitating issue concerning lost limbs. 

Mobility Mission has experienced enormous success and improvement. As we create custom prosthetic limbs to individuals in need, your help will further this innovative project.


Our team is interested in helping others. To give a monitory or material donation visit our donations page. A tax exempt donation letter will then be mailed.


Student engagement and hands-on-learning is critical to the mission of UVU, as well as the Mobility Mission. As a university, engaged learned is pre-eminent and distinguishes our school. This project is having a direct impact on the UVU campus community, on UVU students and faculty, and on the country where the service is rendered because of the opportunity we offer for involvement and engagement.

Our team is comprised of students, staff, faculty, and community members. Learn how you can participate and help spread awareness for the cause by finding us on:
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Mobility Mission

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