The purpose of this scholarship is to provide students an opportunity to attend Utah Valley University. It is a needs-based scholarship, so specific factors are considered in order to be awarded this scholarship.

Scholarship Deadlines:

  • February 1st for Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students (*online applications are available mid November prior to the upcoming Fall semester.)
  • March 1st for Continuing Students (*online applications are available mid January prior to the upcoming Fall semester.) If you have any questions regarding this scholarship, please contact the Scholarships office at (801) 863-8443, or visit them in BA-105.


  • Student must be a UTAH resident
  • Students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Student must be enrolled for at least 12 credit hours
  • FAFSA or FAFSA 4caster (printed document is required and must be submitted to the Scholarships office)
    • The FAFSA 4caster can be found on the main FAFSA page, under "Thinking About College."
  • Requires an essay – one page stating your cultural background, how you can help other multicultural students to succeed at UVU, what you would do to promote academic, professional, and personal growth for your culture group or minorities.
  • Pre-selected scholarship students must interview with the Multicultural Student Services for final award determination and they must also attend a three-day orientation workshop prior to the start of Fall semester.
Cultural Diversity Scholarship

Cultural Diversity Scholarship

Award Details

  • This scholarship award consists of two 1/2 tuition waivers; one for the Fall semester and one for the Spring semester
  • If you are applying for the Fall semester, you are eligible to receive this award
  • There is always a waiting list. If you are interested in applying for the Spring, the only option is to get on the waiting list as soon as possible. There is NO Spring application
  • To get on the waiting list or for questions about the waiting list process, visit the Scholarships office located in BA-105, or contact them at (801) 863-8443
  • As scholarships become available due to scholarship recipients NOT fulfilling the necessary requirements, then students will be awarded according to the waiting list. 

How to apply

Prior to applying for the scholarship, you must be admitted to UVU, and know your UV ID. If you need to apply for Admission, go to If you are currently a concurrent enrollment student at UVU, you have already been admitted. 

  1. Log into your UVLink account, and click on the Student tab
  2. Select the Student Services & Financial Aid folder
  3. Choose the Financial Aid subfolder
  4. Click on the My Financial Aid menu and select the 2014-2015 Scholarship Application. Scholarship applications for the 2014-2015 school years will not be available to new students until mid-November 2013 and for continuing students in mid-January 2014.
  5. Follow the prompted instructions to fill out your scholarship application.
  6. If you have been selected for the Cultural Diversity scholarship, you will be notified during the spring 2014 semester.

Please remember, if you are applying for Spring and you would like to be considered for this scholarship, you will need to talk to the Scholarships office. They will require an electronic copy of the scholarship essay requirement to be emailed, or brought in on an external jump drive.

For Cultural Diversity Scholarship Recipients:


  • Attend our UVASCENDS Orientation that is held the week before Fall semester begins. Mark your calendar, because it is mandatory!
  • Volunteer 30 hours of service per semester in any Multicultural or UVU events e.g. Pow Wow, Luau, and Latin American Celebration. (See MSS calendar for events, or visit the Volunteer & Service-Learning webpage for other service opportunities.)
  • Participate in a UVU Event (each semester you are awarded a scholarship) - write a 1 page paper with the following:
    • Date, time, and location of the event
    • Brief description of the event
    • What did you learn?
    • In what ways will you apply what you learned at the event to some aspect of your life?
      • You will need to print and fill out the On Campus Event Approval Form
      • The event has to be approved by an advisor at Multicultural Student Services before attending. After the event, submit the approval form and a one-page paper to the Multicultural front desk WB 146s.
2013 Fall Semester
    Progress reports need to be submitted before the following dates:
    • October 15
    • November 30

     They can be dropped off at the Multicultural Student Services front desk in WB 146s. 

  • If you are NOT passing your classes, you will need to meet with an academic advisor to discuss resources that may help you.  To make an appointment with and advisor, please call the Multicultural Student Services front desk at (801) 863-8357.
  • If you are a student in a leadership position with one of the Multicultural Student Services clubs or programs (Cultural Envoy, Multicultural Student Council), your volunteer requirements may be counted in your leadership participation, and you may meet with your club/program advisor. Make sure that you are submitting all hours to still remain in compliance with your scholarship requirements.