Current Exhibition

Art of OUR CENTURY & The Natural Man
MAY 20 - AUG 9, 2014
Opening Reception MAY 20, 6-8P


Yidan Guo


Mark Hedengren


Art of OUR CENTURY is an annual juried show of new works from the western region of the United States.
This year includes over 50 works from California to Wyoming. The 2014 juror is John Sproul.

Featured Artists

Paul Gordon
Georgina Goodlander
Garrett Loveless
Robert Long
Kathleen Burggraf
Chloe West
 Fran McNamara
Yidan Guo
Som Vilaysack
Joanna Cleveland
Laura Mason
Lloyd Knowles
Annie Farley
Angela McAllister
Etsuko Kato
Joe Flores
Jay Wallace
Jenna Von Benedikt
Eric Tomberlin
Carrie Tomberlin
Matthew Derezinski
Joseph Casalino
Joan Wynn
Jeanne Dowd
John Baran
Cynthia Grilli
Rod Morgan
Megan Ah You
Andre Spencer Parkinson
Rand Clinton Smith
Nathan Clark
Amber Egbert
McKenna Woolley
Hailey Mullins
Judy Hiramoto
Brian Christensen
Kendra Hitchcock
Cali Heber 


2014 Best In Show: Platter Form, Garrett Loveless

The Natural Man features large scale photographs by Mark Hedengren, Utah Art & Museum's 2013 Visual Arts Fellow. These photos act as immersive portraits of human and habitat.

"Our desire to be in nature runs deep. We put plants in our office. We travel thousands of miles to Iceland. We spend millions of dollars for a loft that has a view of Central Park. Like salmon, we use our vacation time on a quest to get back to our home...the natural world.

This body of work--The Natural Man--is an exploration of our relationship with nature and the many creative ways we find to get back to its therapeutic surroundings. From cliff jumping to Salt Flats car racing, the desire to be in our natural surroundings is born into the human experience."

-Mark Hedengren