Current Exhibitions

Lynn Blodgett & Hidden Voices title art

JAN 13 - MAR 7, 2015

List of Artists

Lynn Blodgett
Tyla Morris
Lakesia Lopez
Chamique Lopez
Diquan Lopez
Joseph Whyte
Tifiny Mills
Savannah Jacket
Chantelle Manuel
Mikey Mills
Joseph Miles
Maddie Begay
Caitlynne Spute
Morris King
Natrone King
Kevin Schley
Travis Lovell
McKay Haggard
Julie Ostler
Allison Bowers
Brenda Barrlett
Laura Fox
Zach Bradford
Rick Suchoski
Byron Harward
John Rees
Josh Rose
Juanita Ah Quin
Alyssa Sorenson
Mike Swan
Alexis Munoa Dyer
Kimberly Anderson
Gina Martine
Edward S. Curtis

black and white photo of a Scottish man holding a falcon

A Man and His Bird, Lynn Blodgett, 2014, photography

A Man and His Bird
Lynn Blodgett

Lynn Blodgett's photographs capture individual portraits and exceptional moments. In this skilled series, Blogett shows his recent work: A Man and His Bird, including intimate portraits of reverence and relationships when working with birds of prey. Blodgett is an accomplished artist and his photographs are published in the 2007 book Finding Grace, the Face of America's Homeless.

color photo of a grandmother standing in front of a hogan

Grandma, Savannah Jacket, Towaoc, 2014, photography

HIDDEN VOICES: Native Peoples
Guest Curator Travis Lovell

Working with underrepresented populations, the HIDDEN VOICES program offers a safe outlet for expression through art projects, developing skills and building community in Utah. This year's participants worked with UVU photography students while exploring personal, cultural, and community identities to express their Native voice.

HIDDEN VOICES: Native Peoples is a collaboration between Utah Valley University's Native American Initiative, Multicultural Student Services, Art & Visual Communication's Photography Area, and the Woodbury Art Museum.

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