Current Exhibitions

OCT 6 - DEC 3, 2015

title in large bubble letters with detail artwork by laurie lisonbee and marcus vincent


video still from surveillant
Brandon Truscott, Surveillant, 2015, motion graphic video 

black and white photograph of stream
Kevin Schley, Stream, Bells Canyon, 2015, photography


Faculty Show 2015
places over 60 new works from the Department of Art & Visual Communications (AVC) into new contexts. Pieces highlight the achievements of current AVC Faculty and are grouped in unique ways, bringing new interpretations to light. 

Terrel VanLeeuwen
Howard Fullmer
Roland Thompson
Laurie Lisonbee
Amy Davis
Patrick Wilkey
Kent Wing
Cynthia Lewis Clark
Kevin Schley
Bob deWitt
Dallyn Zundel
Haynes Goodsell
Courtney Davis
Bryan Beus
Richard D. Hull
Brenda Barrett
Brandon Boulton
Travis Lovell
Brian Jensen
Reid Elem
Kent Miles
Lindsey Elem
Rand Clinton Smith
Kelly Larson
Mark Talbert
Sean Rees
Gareth Fry
Tyson Monson
Brandon Truscott
Lori Santos
Gary Hall
Jim Godfrey
Nancy Steele-Makasci
Marcus Vincent
Jay Wallace 
Perry Stewart
Lyndi Bone
John Rees
Sue Parkinson
Chris Young
James Rees



black and white linocut print depicting a heart with text behind it

Nancy Steele-Makasci, Black Heart #2, 2015, print

packaging design on black box with a pink plus signGareth Fry, Fiber Lashes & Packaging, 2015, print