Music Education

Bachelor of Science in Music Education
Provides students with the competencies essential for a professional career in music secondary education.

BS in Music Education Degree Planner

Completion of the program requires students to demonstrate the following:

Core Musicianship

  • Identify elements and organizational patterns of music through aural and visual analysis
  • Display knowledge of musical forms and processes through compositional, analytical and performance activities
  • Describe the various time periods, important historical figures, styles and genres throughout the historical development of western music
  • Demonstrate keyboard skills in the theoretical areas of scales, chord progressions, harmonization, transposition, and improvisation


  • Demonstrate advanced technical and stylistic capabilities for the major instrument or voice
  • Prepare solo and ensemble performances that demonstrate creative expression and interpretation

Music Education

  • Demonstrate proficiency with baton technique, score reading, and interpretation.
  • Arrange works for orchestra, band, choir, and small ensembles.
  • Describe the literature, methodology, and administration of a school choral or instrumental program.
  • Teach students on instruments and/or voice in the chosen area of specialization

Post-Baccalaureate Music Education Certification
Music education certification is possible for individuals who have been awarded bachelor degrees in music in areas other than music education. To get started, interested individuals should do the following:

1. Apply to UVU
2. Schedule an appointment with the Music Department Chair for transcript review and coursework planning
3. Schedule an appointment with Rick Dumont, Secondary Education Advisor, for application into the secondary education program
4. Schedule an appointment with a School of the Arts Advisor for assistance in music coursework registration