Bachelor of Music in Performance
Prepares students for performance-related work and studio teaching. In addition to standard courses that focus on performance skills, it includes courses relevant to the music industry such as entrepreneurship, music technology, and studio recording.

BM in Performance Degree Planner

Completion of the program requires students to demonstrate the following:

Core Musicianship

  • Identify elements and organizational patterns of music through aural and visual analysis
  • Display knowledge of musical forms and processes through compositional, analytical and performance activities
  • Describe the various time periods, important historical figures, styles and genres throughout the historical development of western music
  • Demonstrate keyboard skills in the theoretical areas of scales, chord progressions, harmonization, transposition, and improvisation


  • Demonstrate advanced technical and stylistic capabilities for the major instrument or voice
  • Prepare high-level solo and ensemble performances that demonstrate creative expression and interpretation
  • Describe the history, styles and genres of the applicable solo and ensemble literature
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the various styles and approaches to pedagogy, including the ability to diagnose and correct musical and technical faults
  • Demonstrate competencies in foreign language and diction (vocal majors)

Industry, Technology and Entrepreneurship

  • Treat musical ventures in a professional business manner
  • Set up an independent studio
  • Demonstrate effective marketing skills
  • Understand principles of copyright, permissions, and contracts
  • Identify and incorporate applicable music technologies, including music software and hardware, and the fundamentals of musical recording