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Cosi fan Tutte



Mozart's comic masterpiece Cosi? fan tutte (translated as All Women Are Like That) is the final collaborative masterpiece of Mozart and librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte. It has survived as one of the most frequently performed and loved operas of all time. The premise involves two soldier friends who are confident that their fiancees, who are sisters, will be forever faithful no matter what might challenge their love. A jaded philosopher friend bets them that over the course of a day he can prove them wrong and bribes the sisters maid to play along. The rules are for 24 hours the men must act as ostentatious foreigners and try to seduce the other's fiancee without giving away their identity. Discover why the men conclude that, 'all women are like that' and decide who's side you are on.

Directed by

Artistic Director: Marc Reynolds
Conductor: Cheung Chau

Performed by

UVU Opera & Symphony Orchestra


Heritage High School