Private Lessons

UVU students may study privately with faculty who are highly qualified teachers and performers. Lesson options are as follows:

  • MUSC 145R Private Lessons I, twelve 30-minute lessons (beginning through advanced instruction), $270 fee
  • MUSC 245R Private Lessons II, twelve 60-minute lessons, $443 fee
  • MUSC 250R, 450R, and 455R Private Lessons for Music Majors, twelve 60-minute lessons, including weekly performance classes and end-of-semester juries, $443 fee. Requires entrance audition and concurrent enrollment with MUSC 251R and 451R Performance Class.

Lesson Sign-up Form

Private lesson assignments are arranged by performance area coordinators in consultation with area faculty. Students with a teacher preference should indicate that preference on the lesson sign-up form. The coordinator and faculty member will determine if the assignment is appropriate and beneficial to the student. Students will receive an email notification of their teacher assignment by the end of the first week of classes. Lessons begin the second week of classes.

Performance Area Coordinators:

Proper lesson preparation is crucial to the success of private instruction. Practice requirements for non-music majors are one or more hours per day. Music majors should be devoting at minimum two hours per day (see area coordinators for specific requirements). Private practice time should be focused and disciplined, with clear aims in mind. Students should consult frequently with their teachers to receive recommendations for effective practice strategies. Continual exposure to recordings and live performances will accelerate the development of technical and interpretive skills. Private teachers may choose to use practice charts or some other method of evaluating student practice. Music majors will be asked to provide average weekly practice amounts during their juried evaluations at the end of each semester.

Private instructors are under no obligation to make up a missed lesson unless notified at least 24 hours in advance. If an instructor needs to cancel a lesson, it will be rescheduled.

All music majors are required to attend and perform in their area performance classes. Performance classes provide vital opportunities for student performances, critiques, discussions on performance practices, and guest artist appearances. Performance classes meet during specified times for each performance area. Students must register for MUSC 251R or MUSC 451R Performance Class concurrently with their private instruction courses (MUSC 250R, 450R, or 455R). Students who cannot attend performance class should register for MUSC 145R or 245R.

All music majors are required to perform in a jury at the end of the semester. Guidelines for jury preparation and performance are determined within each performance area. Three weeks prior to juries, students should come to the music office and fill out a jury form. This form will be used by jury members to record their evaluations. Following juries, students may come to the music office to receive a copy of their juried evaluations. A copy will also be placed in each student's permanent file.