Popular Courses

The following music courses are highly popular and require no musical background:

  • MUSC 1010 Introduction to Music. A course designed to make music more meaningful. Studies melody, harmony, form, and rhythm together with historical and biographical information.
  • MUSC 1030 American Popular Music. Studies the emergence, development, and characteristics of American music including Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock, Motown, Hip-Hop, and other popular styles.
  • MUSC 102G Introduction to World Music. Explores diverse music throughout the world. Studies melody, harmony, form, and rhythm in international historical and cultural contexts.
  • MUSC 1050 Beginning Piano I. Provides group instruction for students with little or no piano and note-reading experience.
  • MUSC 1100 Fundamentals of Music. Studies the fundamentals of music theory including pitch notation, meter, rhythm, time signatures, intervals, scales, key signatures, and triads.
  • MUSC 1170 Group Guitar I. Teaches fundamental skills in playing popular guitar styles.
  • MUSC 1400 Music Technology I. Examines the fundamental concepts and usage of technologies in music.
  • MUSC 1630 Group Voice I. Provides group instruction in the development of vocal skills.