Wolverine Wi-Fi

Wolverine-WiFi and Wolverine-Secure have replaced UVU-Open and UVU-Secure!

Cisco's Clean Access and that dreaded Cisco Login have gone away!

There is no need to get an exception for your smartphone or tablet any more!

With “Wolverine-WiFi” you will have to login only once on each of your devices and the system will remember it and automatically connect you while you are on campus.

You will be required to install a new agent on your laptop, but as long as your computer is up to date with OS patches and you have current anti-virus software installed, you will never see it!



Click the link above for instructions on how to connect to the new SSID “Wolverine-WiFi” and register your device.

Once you have Registered your laptop on Wolverine-WiFi you can switch to Wolverine-Secure by clicking the link below.


Secure Encrypted Wireless Network for Students, Faculty and Staff.
Want a more secure wireless connection? Connect to SSID “Wolverine-Secure” by clicking the link above or for instructions click the links below.

Wolverine-Conference and Business Guests

Click on the links below for Conference attendees and Business Guest login instructions.



Unsecured Wireless Network for University Visitors.
Click on the links below for Visitor login instructions.
Uninstall NAC

Uninstall Clean Access

Need help uninstalling the old Cisco NAC Agent? Click the link above for instructions.

Using a Mobile Device?

Mobile Devices

If you’re using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, connect to Wolverine-WiFi and open a web page to register your device so you can connect automatically without logging in each time you’re on campus.
Find out how.


Having Trouble Connecting?

If you have followed the tutorials for connecting to a wireless network, and are still having difficulty connecting, contact the Service Desk for additional help.

Service Desk Walk-in Hours:
Monday-Friday, 7:00 am-6:00 pm

BA-007 -- in the basement of the Browning Administration Building.