About NSE

  • NSE was founded as a parallel to study abroad program

  • Students study for up to one calendar year at another location

  • Over 200 colleges and universities from which to choose

Quote: "This program embodies the overall mission statement of our university. Participants apply to NSE as students, but complete their exchange as edified scholars who in turn reach greater levels of success. What has impressed me most is that no one exchange is identical to another; each is uniquely customized to deliver an experience created for the student."
– Julie Baker Bagley, Program Director

Alaska? Hawaii? Maine? Exchange at one of over 200 campuses throughout the United States at in-state tuition rates! As a member of the National Student Exchange Program (NSE), Utah Valley University provides opportunities for full-time undergraduate students to exchange for an academic year or a semester. This does not require a one to one exchange.

Can you imagine studying marine biology in Hawaii, or taking theatre or art classes in New York, all while maintaining your status as a UVU student? You have the opportunity to expand the boundaries of a university to the Lower 48, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Think of the adventure you will have experiencing an entirely new culture and geography!

Priority applications are due the first of February, after 1st priority placement conference in March; contact UVU’s NSE Coordinator for placement opportunities, Room LC 410p, or call 801 863-6750.

Come and explore!!!

  • St. Thomas
  • Oregon
  • Canada
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Puerto Rico